This library packages pre-generated web service client API for Sun xVM VirtualBox . In addition to the standard code generated from wsimport , this library packages additional wrapper code that drastically improves the usability of the VirtualBox web service API.

To use web services to interact with VirtualBox, you have to first start a server. VirtualBox has a bug that requires you to disable authentication, so first you'd run VBoxManage to do this, as follows:

$ VBoxManage setproperty websrvauthlibrary null

Then run the VirtualBox web service server, as follows:

$ vboxwebsrv

For more about these commands, refer to VirtualBox User Guide .

The following short program snippet illustrates how to use this API. The interfaces closely model the COM API, so refer to the VirtualBox API documentation for more details.

IVirtualBox box = VirtualBox.connect("");

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