In-VM local transport allows TCP loop-back like SOAP communication between the client and the server in the same virtual machine. It is primarily designed to enable testing of web service endpoints without using a fully-fledged web container.

To use this transport, you need to declare one more namespace URI:

<beans ...

Then you can export a bunch of services by using an ID of your choice:

<wsl:bindings id="test-local-endpoint">
    <ws:service ... />       <!-- either define a service inline -->
    <ref bean="myService" /> <!-- or refer to another bean -->

These services can be accessed by setting the endpoint address URI as in-vm://test-local-endpoint/ (the Spring bean ID becomes a part of the URI.) If multiple endpoints are deployed in a single local transport server, you can distinguish them by using the local name of the port QName as the query parameter, like ?port1

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