Who can host a plugin on jax-ws-commons?
Anyone writing a JAX-WS RI extensions is welcome to host a project on jax-ws-commons. We particularly encourage small plugins/extensions that don't want the overhead of hosting a whole java.net project.
How do I host a plugin on jax-ws-commons?
Join the dev@jax-ws.java.net mailing list and ask. If you feel you aren't getting any reply, send an angry e-mail to owner@jax-ws.java.net.
How does this project work?
Each plugin has to have a name. We decide on the name when we host a plugin --- let's say it's "abc". When we host your plugin, you get jax-ws-commons/abc and jax-ws-commons/www/abc directories created in SVN. You can put your plugin related source code, build script, IDE setting, and anything else in the jax-ws-commons/abc folder. It would be desirable to put all the source code and build script here, but it's really up to you.
jax-ws-commons/www/abc is for files that you want to expose through https://jax-ws-commons.java.net/abc. So this is where you host HTML files, downloadable jar files, images, etc.
Is there any guideline?
It would be nice if you can host all the source code and build script in SVN, and some documentation and downlodable plugin jar in www. Also, consider subscribing to dev@jax-ws-commons.java.net so that all plugin owners can talk to each other.
Do we have official pacakge name for jax-ws-commons?
No, not really. But you can use org.jvnet.jax_ws_commons.extname. Use of org.jvnet.projectname is the official java.net recommendation (don't ask me why it's not net.java.dev.projectname!)
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