Project Description

Welcome to the JAX-WS commons project. This is a part of Project Metro in the Glassfish community at

This project aims to:

  • collect convenient utility code around JAX-WS RI
  • collect useful plugins and extensions around the JAX-WS RI (until they grow out of this project)


  • Status:POC
  • Licenses:Each extension has its own


  1. HTTP Session-scope service
  2. Thread scope service
  3. Spring support
  4. JAX-WS Maven2 plugin
  5. JSON Encoding
  6. SMTP transport
  7. Grizzly lwhs transport
  8. Grizzly HTTP spi transport
  9. JAX-WS Beans runtime-generator
  10. In-VM transport
  11. DIME Encoding
  12. Metro(JAX-WS) plugin for Grails framework
  13. VirtualBox web service client API
  14. JMS binding
  15. Amazon EC2 client API
  16. Guice integration

Join us!

If you are interested in hosting your utility/plug-in/tool etc, please write to so that we can arrange things. See this document for more about how to host your plugin.

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